ARC Review: Last Memoria by Rachel Emma Shaw


“There’s nothing Sarilla hates more than stealing memories, but the king forces her to do, just so he can keep his subjects in line. She wants to escape to where nobody knows what she is or what she can do, but her plans go awry when she runs into someone she would much rather forget.

Falon has a six-month void in his memories that he’s desperate to restore. He doesn’t know why they were taken or what they contained, nor why the man he loves is acting so cagily about what happened during that time. He hopes to use Sarilla to get back what was stolen from him and isn’t interested in why she’s so desperate to escape. She will help him get back what he’s lost, whether she wants to or not.”


“She is the beast who broke a thousand minds. The pillager of thoughts and feelings from innocent and guilty alike. The snake that filed down her fangs and curbed her appetite for goose flesh, all so she might bide her time among the meek”.

“Stolen memories crawled through Sarilla’s mind, distorting the gale-whipped trees around her. Past fought with present until gone was the heavy drumming rain of her skin”.


Thank you so much to the author for asking me if I would like to review this book. I was so intrigued after reading the synopsis that I jumped at the chance. I’m so glad I did because I absolutely loved it. It’s beautifully written and engrossing from start to finish. I initially only intended to read a few chapters to get a feel for the book, but I ended up reading it from start to finish over a few days. It completely sucked me in, so much happens and it’s packed full of action and intrigue.

The world building is wonderful and the magic system created by the author is completely unique to me, I haven’t read anything quite like this before. The author has a lovely writing style that takes the time and attention to build up this amazing world and its characters.

The book centres around a young woman called Sarilla who can steal people’s memories by touching their skin and the memories are stored in the form of black marks on her skin. Sarilla has learnt one thing from stealing people’s memories “Everybody lies”. Sarilla is half Memoria, who are a race of memory stealers, and half human – a “half-breed”. She embarks on a perilous journey to reunite with her family and along the way the runs into Falon and his band of rebels. Falon is also on a journey, a quest to get back the memories taken from him.

Part 1 is from Sarilla’s point of view and Part 2 is from Falon’s point of view. Although I had no issues with this, because we do get a more holistic understanding of Falon’s character, I’ll have to admit I preferred reading it from Sarilla’s POV. A good part of this book focuses on Sarilla, who she is and her frustrations regarding her powers. Her character is so well portrayed and I really enjoyed reading about her inner-most thoughts and seeing her personality unravel. All of the characters in this book are superbly drawn and I particularly loved the scenes with Falon and his band of rebels, the banter and the camaraderie between them and their interactions with Sarilla. The author has an incredible ability to be able to make all the characters appear so realistic and authentic.

If you love a dark and pacy fantasy tale, interwoven with lots of unpredictable twists and turns, with an awesome magic system and wonderfully portrayed characters, you will adore this book. I really hope this book gets the attention it deserves, this book absolutely needs to get noticed – it was published in March. I can’t wait the read Scars of Cerebra, the next book in this duology.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thank you so much for reading my review, happy reading.


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4 thoughts on “ARC Review: Last Memoria by Rachel Emma Shaw

  1. I love fantasy books and I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a story like this before!! The Memoria people sound really intriguing!! Great review 🙂 ♡


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