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Book Tour Review:  Beyond a Broken Sky by Suzanne Fortin

Synopsis: Some secrets are better left buried…  2022. Stained-glass expert Rhoda Sullivan is called to Telton Hall to examine a window designed by an Italian prisoner of war during WW2. It should be a quick job but when she and the owner’s son, Nate Hartwell, discover a body underneath one of the flagstones in the chapel,Continue reading “Book Tour Review:  Beyond a Broken Sky by Suzanne Fortin”


Book Review:  Together We Burn by Isabel Ibañez

Synopsis: An ancient city plagued by dragons. Eighteen-year-old Zarela Zalvidar is a talented flamenco dancer and daughter of the most famous Dragonador in Hispalia. People come from miles to see him fight in their arena, which will one day be hers. But disaster strikes during one celebratory show, and in the carnage, Zarela’s life changesContinue reading “Book Review:  Together We Burn by Isabel Ibañez”

Book Review: The Broken Tower by Kelly Braffett

Synopsis: Judah the Foundling chose freedom over betrayal when she leaped from the top of the castle tower. Now she finds herself wandering an unknown forest, far from everything and everyone she loves. For the first time in her life, she’s beyond the great Wall that surrounds Highfall castle; for the first time, she’s alone.Continue reading “Book Review: The Broken Tower by Kelly Braffett”

Book Review: The Darkening by Sunya Mara

Synopsis: Prince Dalca was born for one purpose: to protect his home from the Storm, a deadly force that surrounds his city and curses everyone it touches. Vesper Vale is the daughter of failed revolutionaries. Since the Queen sentenced her mother to death by the Storm, she and her father have been on the run.Continue reading “Book Review: The Darkening by Sunya Mara”