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Book Review: The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen

Synopsis: As a future chieftain of the Crow caste, sixteen-year-old Fie abides by one rule: Look after your own. Her clan of undertakers and mercy-killers takes more abuse than coin, but when her family is called to collect royal dead, she’s hoping they’ll find the payout of a lifetime. Instead, they find a still-living crownContinue reading “Book Review: The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen”


Book Review: Unchosen by Katharyn Blair

Synopsis: For Charlotte Holloway, the world ended twice. The first was when her childhood crush, Dean, fell in love—with her older sister. The second was when the Crimson, a curse spread through eye contact, turned the majority of humanity into flesh-eating monsters. Neither end of the world changed Charlotte. She’s still in the shadows ofContinue reading Book Review: Unchosen by Katharyn Blair

Book Review: The Layover by Lacie Waldon

Synopsis: After ten years as a flight attendant, Ava Greene is poised to hang up her wings and finally put down roots. Unfortunately, she’s working her last trip with Jack Stone – the absurdly gorgeous, ridiculously cocky man she’s held a secret grudge against for years. When their plane encounters mechanical problems, what should haveContinue reading “Book Review: The Layover by Lacie Waldon”

ARC Review:  The Artic Curry Club by Dani Redd

Synopsis: Soon after upending her life to accompany her boyfriend Ryan to the Arctic, Maya realises it’s not all Northern Lights and husky sleigh rides. Instead, she’s facing sub-zero temperatures, 24-hour darkness, crippling anxiety – and a distant boyfriend as a result. In her loneliest moment, Maya opens her late mother’s recipe book and cooks IndianContinue reading “ARC Review:  The Artic Curry Club by Dani Redd”