ARC Review: The Staycation by Michele Gorman


Two families. One cancelled flight. And a last minute house swap…

Things get desperate for strangers Harriet and Sophie when they become stranded with their families in Heathrow’s Terminal 5. Each woman has her own reason for really really really needing the family holiday they’ve anticipated for months. But Iceland’s volcano has other plans for them. When their flights are cancelled, the families swap houses and discover that sometimes the best things in life happen close to home.


I really enjoyed this book, it’s a light and refreshing read, which is exactly what I had hoped for and it’s been a long time since I’ve read a contemporary novel that didn’t focus on romance. Easily read in a day or two this is the perfect summer read.

Two families meet at Heathrow Airport as a result of their flights being cancelled to their Italian getaways, due to a volcanic ash cloud. The women get chatting and in order to make the best out of an extremely bad situation decide it would be a great idea to do a house swap. Harriet gets the city break she has dreamed of and Sophie the restful countryside spa holiday. I love the idea that one family lived in the idyllic countryside an the other in the hustle and bustle of London and it worked really well.

Harriet and Sophie have completely contrasting personalities; Harriet being a compulsive organiser and Sophie is completely disorganised, two polar opposites. I really enjoyed seeing the progression of these two women and their journeys of self-discovery. It is wonderful that they form a close friendship along the way and their attitude to life begins to change. Both families have their problems and the author tackles some important issues, from a difficult relationship with a teenage daughter to an extremely controlling husband, and I felt this was addressed in an extremely sensitive manner.

Although I enjoyed this book I felt the pacing was rather slow in parts and it lacked a bit of the drama and excitement I really crave in a book. Nothing really hooked me into the story, hence the middling (liked but didn’t hate) 3 stars. However, that aside, I would definitely recommend reading this book if you want a light read with a storyline centred around the trials an tribulations of family life.

Thank you to Orion and Netgalley for the opportunity to ready this eARC. UK publication date 23.07.20.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Happy reading.


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