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ARC Review: Anything but Easy by Susie Tate


Kira Murphy is a liability: always has been. She might be small but her personality and heart are not: a sexual health doctor with a foul mouth, pink streaks in her hair, a bizarre world view, a reputation for being ‘pathologically social’, and a huge crush on the current Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth . . . she’s weird and lovable in equal measure.  

The last thing Barclay Lucas needs is a liability. He’s made it into the cabinet with single-minded determination, sheer grit, and serious conservatism. But then a crazy, pink-haired, tiny dynamo turns his life upside-down and serious for Barclay is a thing of the past. 

But he’s never liked feeling out of control – something he experiences with Kira on a daily basis. So he pushes her away when she needs him the most, and unfortunately for him she retreats at head-spinning speed. It’s only then he realises that although being with Kira is anything but easy, the grey, boring alternative is far worse. He’ll have to use all his hard-earned political negotiating and manoeuvring skills to get her back. Because after being dragged from black and white into full Technicolor with Kira, Barclay knows that, however serious and worthy his life is, he can’t live it without her. 


After finishing two really long and heavy fantasy books I was looking for a bit of light relief and this book perfectly fit the bill.  I found it to be a compelling read and could not put it down.  It is so refreshing, easy to read, humorous and I really enjoyed the opposites attract trope.

Kira is an energetic quirky and flamboyant character who is not afraid to speak her mind.  She works as a sexual health doctor and is completely dedicated to her profession and also committed to helping people in her community. Despite her extrovert personality she completely wins people over and she is extremely well liked.  Barclay on the other hand is a serious, straight-laced politician.  I enjoyed the banter between them and there are some really funny and sweet moments.  Their paths cross when Barclay asks for Kira’s help following her positive clinic consultations with his brother, who as a consequence is now showing a marked improvement.  There is a great cast of supporting characters, the author really had a way of making their personalities shine and they are all so likeable.  There are some serious issues explored, such as HIV stigmatism and sexual harassment which are sensitively addressed by the author.

All in all a fabulous book with great characters, a good plot and some wonderful laugh out load moments.  This is such a fun story and the epilogue is wonderful.  A gave it 5 stars as it hit the nail on the head for me in terms of what I needed to read at the time.  I haven’t read any of this author’s books before, but I will certainly be exploring her previous novels.

Publisher:  Self published
Publication Date: 13 September 2020
Rating:  5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you to the author and Netgalley for my advanced copy of this book.  

I hope you enjoyed this review.  For my current reads, recommendations and anything else book related, please give me a follow on Instagram or Goodreads .  Happy reading. 



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