ARC Review: The Ex-Husband by Karen Hamilton

Synopsis: Charlotte and Sam were partners. In life, and in crime. They never stole from anyone who couldn’t afford it. Wealthy clients, luxury cruise ships. It was easy money, and harmless. At least, that’s what Charlotte told herself, until the world caved in on her. But now, years after she tried to put that pastContinue reading “ARC Review: The Ex-Husband by Karen Hamilton”

ARC Review: A Narrow Door by Joanne Harris

Synopsis: Now I’m in charge, the gates are my gates. The rules are my rules.  It’s an incendiary moment for St Oswald’s school. For the first time in its history, a headmistress is in power, the gates opening to girls. Rebecca Buckfast has spilled blood to reach this position. Barely forty, she is just startingContinue reading “ARC Review: A Narrow Door by Joanne Harris”

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