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Book Review: Terms and Conditions by Lauren Asher

Synopsis: DeclanI’m destined to become the next CEO of my family’s media empire.The only problem? My grandfather’s inheritance clause.Fulfilling his dying wish of getting married and having an heir seemed impossible until my assistant volunteered for the job.Our marriage was supposed to be the perfect solution to my biggest problem.But the more we act inContinue reading “Book Review: Terms and Conditions by Lauren Asher”


Book Review: The Fake Up by Justin Myers

Synopsis: TWO EXES. ONE BIG SECRET. LET THE GAMES BEGIN… Dylan and Flo are in love. The only trouble is, they broke up months ago and everyone was delighted for them. At first, it’s exciting sneaking around, hiding from disapproving friends, climbing through bedroom windows to avoid family, and concocting hilarious disguises. It’s like RomeoContinue reading “Book Review: The Fake Up by Justin Myers”

ARC Book Review: Traitor in the Ice by K J Maitland

Synopsis: Winter, 1607. A man is struck down in the grounds of Battle Abbey, Sussex. Before dawn breaks, he is dead. Home to the Montagues, Battle has caught the paranoid eye of King James. The Catholic household is rumoured to shelter those loyal to the Pope, disguising them as servants within the abbey walls. AndContinue reading “ARC Book Review: Traitor in the Ice by K J Maitland”

ARC Review: Gallant by V E Schwab

Book Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Olivia Prior is missing three things: a mother, a father, and a voice. Her mother vanished all at once, and her father by degrees, and her voice was a thing she never had to start with. She grew up at Merilance School for Girls. Now, nearing the end of her time there,Continue reading “ARC Review: Gallant by V E Schwab”

ARC Review: Scorpica by G R Macallister

Synopsis: In an ancient matriarchal world of magic, gods and warriors, the last girl – unbeknownst to the five Queendoms – has just been born. As time marches on, the scribes of Bastian find no answers in their history books. The farmers of Sestia sacrifice their crops to the gods. Paxim, the empire of tradeContinue reading “ARC Review: Scorpica by G R Macallister”

Blog Tour Review: The House of Sorrowing Stars by Beth Cartwright

Synopsis: Alone on an island, surrounded by flowers that shine as dusk begins to fall, sits an old, faded house. Rooms cannot be rented here and visits are only for those haunted by the memory of loss. When Liddy receives an invitation, she thinks there must be some mistake – she’s never experienced loss. ButContinue reading “Blog Tour Review: The House of Sorrowing Stars by Beth Cartwright”

ARC Review: The Last Legacy by Adrienne Young

Synopsis: When a letter from her uncle Henrick arrives on Bryn Roth’s eighteenth birthday, summoning her back to Bastian, Bryn is eager to prove herself and finally take her place in her long-lost family. Henrik has plans for Bryn, but she must win everyone’s trust if she wants to hold any power in the delicateContinue reading “ARC Review: The Last Legacy by Adrienne Young”

ARC Review:  The Lighthouse by Fran Dorricott

Synopsis: Six friends travel to a remote island north of the Scottish Highlands for an old school reunion. They’ve rented The Lighthouse – a stunning, now abandoned building that was once notorious for deaths at sea. On the first evening, someone goes missing. The group search all through the night to no avail. But when theContinue reading ARC Review:  The Lighthouse by Fran Dorricott

ARC Review:  The Start of Something by Miranda Dickensen

Synopsis: Two lonely people.One note in the window.And what happens when they reach out… Lachlan Wallace is stuck at home after a car accident stalled his army career. With months of physiotherapy still to endure and only his rescue dog and cat for company, he’s taken to gazing out of the window, watching the world spinContinue reading ARC Review:  The Start of Something by Miranda Dickensen

ARC Review:  Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

Synopsis: Two weeks before Christmas and all through Manhattan, shop windows are decorated in red and green satin. I’m standing alone in front of the famous Vivant department store, when a charming man named Aiden asks my opinion of the décor. It’s a tragedy in tinsel, I say, unable to lie. He asks for a better ideaContinue reading ARC Review:  Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey