ARC Review: No Such Thing as Perfect by Emma Hughes


No one’s life is as perfect as it looks.

Least of all Laura Morrison’s. (Although she’s not sure how perfect hanging onto your job by a thread and sleeping on an air mattress at your sister’s looks, in all honesty.)

When Laura gets the chance to trial Cupid – a high-tech new dating service which will draw on everything she’s ever done online to find her perfect match – she figures it’s got to be worth a try.

She can’t believe her luck when good-looking, kind considerate Adam turns up for their first date. On paper he’s…well…perfect.

But when Laura develops feelings for the person who led her to Adam in the first place, familiar doubt creeps in.

Maybe for life to start falling into place, Laura has to learn to let go…


No Such Thing as Perfect is a delightful romantic comedy with some interesting side stories.  Laura works at the Bugle as a magazine journalist, her life is not going smoothly.  Her job is on the line and she has recently moved to live with her sister and husband after her previous flatmates moved out together and sleeping on an inflatable airbed is not ideal.  In her quest to find the perfect man and to try to save herself from redundancy Laura signs up with Cupid, a high tech match-making company who profess to be able to find her perfect match by examining her digital algorithm.  In exchange she agrees to deliver a positive article about her dating experience.  

Laura is a likeable character, she is playful, funny and has a wicked sense of humour.  This is highlighted in the very uncomfortable restaurant scene when she meets Adam’s rather stuffy and traditional parents.  Laura has never had a long term relationship and as a result suffers from low self esteem, believing this is all her fault.  Cupid have matched Laura with Adam, the perfect gentleman who outwardly appears to be the ideal match. He’s good-looking, caring and very sweet and sensitive.  Initially they are a great couple together and the awkwardness they felt getting to know one another is very endearing, however as the relationship progresses little cracks started appearing.  Cass comes along and throws a bit of a spanner in the works.  Laura feels she has an instant connection with him and that ‘he’s the one’.  The path the story now follows is not quite as cut and dried as it would appear and it was interesting following Laura on her quest to find a meaningful relationship and in which direction it would take.

I was fully invested in the story, however it’s left slightly open-ended in terms of the romance and the reader is left guessing what will probably happen next. I do wish there had been more closure for Laura and it definitely needs a sequel! That aside, No Such Thing as Perfect is a fun and well written book, with some witty dialogue and interesting relationships explored.  It’s a great storyline and the perfect summer romcom.

Publisher:  Century
Publication Date (UK):  5 August 2021
Format:  Hardback
Page Count:  368
Genre:  Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance 
Rating:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you to the publisher for the gifted advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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