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Blog Tour Review – The Island Home by Libby Page

Today is my stop on The Island Home blog tour. Thank you Ellen Turner @orionbooks for
inviting me on this tour.


Lorna’s world is small but safe. 

She loves her daughter, and the two of them is all that matters. But after nearly twenty years, she and Ella are suddenly leaving London for the Isle of Kip, the tiny remote Scottish island where Lorna grew up. 

Alice’s world is tiny but full.

She loves the community on Kip, her yoga classes drawing women across the tiny island together. Now Lorna’s arrival might help their family finally mend itself – even if forgiveness means returning to the past…

So with two decades, hundreds of miles and a lifetime’s worth of secrets between Lorna and the island, can coming home mean starting again? 


The Island Home is a wonderful heartwarming read with a strong sense of family, village community and friendships.  It’s set against the stunning backdrop of the small Scottish Island of Kip. The island and the surrounding landscapes are beautifully described and the beauty and remoteness really comes through in the writing, as does the warmth and support of the islanders.  What also comes across is how fragile island life can be.  

It is written from Lorna’s and Alice’s perspectives and over alternating chapters.  The characters are wonderful and I loved the yoga class and the eclectic mix of women of all ages and personality. Relationships are gently explored, there is the complex relationship between Lorna and her brother, Jack.  We see Jack and Lorna build their fractured sibling relationship and slowly but surely try to bond again.  You can feel all their emotions, their anger, pain and guilt.  Lorna and her daughter Ella return to the Island after many years for the funeral of her parents, but why did she leave in the first place?  We know Jack and Lorna suffered a painful childhood but we are left puzzling over what happened all those years ago, all is revealed on later in the book.  

The story is a little predictable, however you can’t help but get carried along in the flow of the story, the relationships, the village life and the sweet blossoming romance between Lorna and Malachy.  The Island Home is an uplifting and engaging read with a diverse cast of warm and likeable characters.  Some poignant topics are discussed but these darker themes are sensitively explored and delicately woven into storyline without overpowering the happy and feel-good atmosphere of the book.  A enjoyable and entertaining read which transports you from the monotony of daily life to the wonderful happy island of Kip.  I would advise you to get your ferry ticket now!

Publisher:  Orion
Publication Date (UK):  24 June 2021
Format:  Hardback  
Page Count:  480
Genre:  Women’s Fiction/Romance
Rating:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you to the publisher for the gifted proof in exchange for an honest review.

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Happy reading!


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