Blog Tour Review: A Sister’s Wish by Donna Douglas

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Spring, 1941. The families of Jubilee Row are still reeling from the loss of one of their own, and as the Blitz on Hull intensifies, it seems as if there will be more tragedies to come. 

As the street braces itself, Iris Fletcher returns home from the hospital, where she has been recovering after the death of her best friend and youngest child. But Iris has no time to mourn – devastated by the loss of their little sister, Archie and Kitty desperately need their mother.

Meanwhile, Edie Copeland is besotted with her infant son. Being a single mother is hard, but Edie finds support in the form of Jack Maguire who, like Edie, is raising his boys alone. As the pair grow closer, Edie begins to wonder whether they could ever be anything more than friends. 

Capable mum, Ruby Maguire takes charge as usual, bolstering spirits and lending a hand, as well as trying to keep her flighty sister Pearl on the straight and narrow. But the unexpected appearance of a face from her past threatens Ruby’s future far more than Hitler’s bombs.


A Sister’s Wish is a wonderful historical story set in Hull, Yorkshire in the 1940s in the midst of World War II. We follow a small community of family and friends living on Jubilee Row, with an engaging storyline exploring love, friendship and courage.  This was such a lovely touching read, the author immediately drew me into the story with her easy and captivating writing style. It is the second book in the Yorkshire Blitz trilogy, I haven’t read the first one, but this comes across perfectly well as a standalone novel. 

The narrative flits between different characters’ points of view alternating between chapters but the story focuses upon Iris and her struggle coming to terms with the death of her daughter and best friend who lost their lives in a bomb blast.  This is a character driven novel each one beautifully portrayed and brought to life by the author.  They felt so real and it was wonderful getting to know all of them. Even Lucky the dog developed his own wonderful little personality and it tugged at my heart strings reading about how terrified he was during the air raids.

The author’s descriptions of war torn England are so vivid and authentic and she portrays the struggles and impact of war so well.  The detail is superb and the atmosphere created is brilliant, particularly in the aftermath of the bombings and the havoc and destruction caused. You also get a sense of the tension and terror in the scenes in the air raid shelters, while bombs are dropping all around them.

A thought-provoking novel in which I imagined how incredibly tough life must have been living in these difficult times and the importance of close friends and family pulling you through.  It is beautifully written and really well researched and the war years are brought the life in a vivid and colourful way.  It only covers about a 4 month time span but such a lot happens during this time. There is such wonderful attention to detail, from the clothes worn, the recipes created from rationed food supplies and the war ravaged setting.  I’m looking forward to the final book in this trilogy and in the meantime I might back-track and read book 1.  Highly recommended to anyone who loves a family saga in a World War II setting with some light romance woven in.  

Publisher:  Trapeze
Publication Date (UK):
1 March 2021 (Ebook)
1 April 2021 (Paperback)
Series:  Yorkshire Blitz #2
Format:  Paperback
Page Count:  336
Genre:  Women’s Historical Fiction/Romance
Rating:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you to the publisher for the advance gifted copy of this book for review. 

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