ARC Review: Sweethand by N G Peltier


For the first time in forever, lifelong rivals Cherisse and Keiran are back in Trinidad at the same time. And while Keiran may have the most swoonworthy smile, he’s also the most annoying man Cherisse has ever met. Unfortunately, avoiding him is impossible. With Keiran’s close friend getting ready to marry Cherisse’s sister, he’s just been made the best man to her maid of honour . . .

Keiran doesn’t know what to make of Cherisse. She might now be a successful pastry chef but to him she’s always been a stuck-up brat who seeks attention, even as he secretly harboured a crush on her. Now it seems he can’t escape her. But despite their antagonism towards each other, things turn heated after one rainy night and the pair are forced to figure out if they can survive the countdown to wedding day, without this turning into a recipe for disaster . . .


Sweethand is an enjoyable and fun romance novel which is told in the dual perspectives of the main protagonists Cherisse and Kieran.  They have known each other since childhood but have found themselves being forced to spend time together due to the forthcoming nuptials of Cherisse’s sister and Kieran’s friend.  I enjoyed the dual point of view which alternated between chapters and gave a much more rounded and balanced view of their relationship than it would of done from a single narrative. 

This is a classic hate-to-love/enemies-to-lovers romance and it was adorable seeing the relationship develop.  Cherisse and Keiran have lots of sizzling chemistry and the romance is sexy and steamy but without it being overly explicit.  I really enjoyed the banter, jokes and playful texts shared between them.  Their relationship is a turbulent one, one minute they’re getting on and the next they’re back to hating each other and  their miscommunications did get a little frustrating at times.  There is a wonderful and engaging group of side characters with interesting and varied personalities and I enjoyed the group/friend dynamics on both sides. 

The setting in Trinidad is wonderful as are the extremely mouth-watering descriptions of the food and confectionary.  I would have liked to have seen more detailed descriptions of the scenery and the storyline could have been explored in more depth.  However all in all Sweethand is a humorous and delightfully entertaining book and although there are one or two slow moments the characters and the food descriptions will pull you through to the delicious ending.  It’s perfect for romance readers who like a gorgeous setting, glorious food descriptions and a side helping of steam.  

Publisher:  Piatkus
Publication Date (UK):  30 March 2021
Series:  Island Bites #1
Format:  Paperback 
Page Count:  320
Genre:  Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Rating:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you to the publisher for an advanced copy of this book to review.  The cover is gorgeous!

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4 thoughts on “ARC Review: Sweethand by N G Peltier

  1. I enjoyed your review! I loved the cover too. Their banter might have been one of my favorite things about the book and also her frustration over being unable to make a nice hair wreath. Hehehe…

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