ARC Review: A Crown of Talons by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr


Three months after Aderyn’s coronation the court is celebrating the Solstice, but Aderyn is preoccupied by Lucien’s continuing hostility. The celebrations are interrupted by the arrival of nobles who have escaped from the neighbouring country of Celonia – the flightless have risen up and overthrown their rulers. The world is changing.

As people begin to question whether Aderyn and Aron are strong enough to rule, there is an attempted assassination on Aderyn’s life. Siegfried and Tallis have made their move – they have formed an army, declared war and will take the throne, by any means necessary. 

Aderyn must fly to uncharted territories and risk the lives of everyone she loves, to defeat her enemies, secure her throne and unite her people.

Epic, dangerous and impossible to put down, this finale takes you on a soaring journey through grief, strength and determination to fight for what is right, what you love and what is yours.


I really enjoyed reading the previous book, A Throne of Swans, and so I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to read and review this final book in the duology.  The world is fascinating and easy to grasp and I loved the drama at court and the historical setting.  There are some fabulous descriptions of the scenery, costumes and weaponry and the duo-authors manage to create a wonderful atmosphere in every scene, drawing the reader into the story.  There is an obvious hierarchal system whereby the nobility can transform into birds representative of their particular house and those who cannot, called the ‘flightless’ and they are there primarily to serve the nobility.   The world had a wonderful magical feeling reminiscent of a fairytale. 

It’s easy to read with it’s clear narrative and the storyline held my attention, more so after the halfway point where things really got exciting and the book is hard to put down.  Some elements of the plot are a little predictable, whilst others took me completely by surprise.  It is fast paced and action packed, with exciting battle scenes, betrayal and some plot twists along the way.  

There is a wonderful cast of characters who have depth and interesting character traits.  Initially I did have difficulty remembering some of them from the previous novel, but the addition of the family tree and map of Solanum in the front of the book is a really useful reference and helped a lot remembering who was who.  Aderyn is a fabulous female lead, she is determined, fearless and clear and confident in her commands, she makes the perfect queen and slipped into this role really well.  Lucien sadly is not one of my favourite characters I found him weak and easily lead and Aderyn forgave him far to readily for his misdemeanours.  I also preferred the relationship Aderyn had with Aron, rather than Lucien, and although in this relationship they don’t have romantic feelings towards each other, they come across as supportive, caring and really devoted to one another despite the circumstances of their marriage. 

A Crown of Talons is a wonderful finale to this captivating series.  There is a great no nonsense ending, which wraps the duology up very satisfactorily.  Highly recommended for anyone who likes fast-paced, action-packed YA fantasy/romance novels in an historical setting.   

Publisher:  Hot Key Books
Publication Date:  7 January 2021
Series:  Book 2 (A Throne of Swans)
Format:  Paperback  
Page Count:  384 pages
Genre:  YA Fantasy/Romance
Rating:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you to the publisher for a copy of this lovely book in exchange for an honest review.

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