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ARC Review: Joe and Anna Byrd and the Mysterious Coin by Nissan Louie


Although Joe and his sister Anna are orphans, they feel they “have it all” living with their loving grandfather in Sunrise Village. They are sure Grandpa Robbie has no worries, and they feel protected under his wing.

However, this is not the case. Bosco, an international terrorist, is targeting Grandpa Robbie, while the siblings’ evil step-grandmother also increases her wicked assaults toward him. Everything changes rapidly and the situation takes a turn for the worse. Joe and Anna are sent to a cruel orphanage and feel betrayed by their grandfather.

But just when they hit rock bottom, they receive a life-changing gift from an unexpected source. Nobody knows it, they now have secret powers.

Unfortunately, the challenges they are facing become almost impossible to overcome. Joe and Anna understand that their reality is about to change forever… 
But will it be for the good?


This is not normally a genre I review, however I was approached by the publisher and it sounded like a really fun read.  Joe and Anna Bird and the Mysterious Coin is a children’s/Middle Grade fantasy story full of action and adventure.  The story is very simply written and easy for younger readers to follow as well as being engaging and exciting.  There is a lot going on to hold the reader’s attention.

It is jam-packed full of characters, excitement and life changing events. The characters are vast and diverse and we are introduced to some interesting individuals.  Some aspects of the book are a little underdeveloped, the world and characters could have been explored and explained in more depth, in particular the magic system which I felt was not fully explained.  A fair amount of children’s books can be read and enjoyed by adults but this was definitely aimed at a young audience and not for those expecting a more detailed fantasy world with occasional adult references or ‘in-jokes’.

Overall this is a really fun and easy read.  A entertaining and compelling children’s story which sets up the foundations of the world and would make great start for any future revisits to this world.

Publisher:  Coni Coin Publishing 
Publication Date:  15 September 2020
Rating: 3 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

Thank you to the publisher and for a copy of this book to review in exchange for an honest opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this review.  For my current reads, recommendations and anything else book related, please follow me on Instagram , Goodreads or Twitter. Happy reading.



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