Review: Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid


“Everyone knows Daisy Jones and the Six. Their albums were on every turntable, they sold out arenas from coast to coast, their sound defined an era. And then, on 12 July 1979, they split. Nobody ever knew why, until now.

The only think that’s certain is that from the moment Daisy Jones walked, barefoot, on to the stage at the Whisky, the band were irrevocably changed…
This is the story of their incredible rise and fall. The ambition, the desire, the heartbreak, and the music.

Everyone was there. Everyone remembers it differently.”


I went into this book with a little trepidation due to its format and I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel about it. I decided to listen to the audio book as I’d heard so many good reviews. A few pages in and I was completely and utterly engrossed.

The book follows a 1970s rock band called Daisy Jones and the Six, how they got started, their ups and downs along the way, personality clashes with the band members and ultimately why the band split up. It is an interview transcript of the band members and comes across a little like a documentary. The interviews switch back and forth between the characters, we don’t hear the questions, only the answers pertinent to the story. It is pieced together beautifully and did not get at all confusing.

This is a wonderfully crafted book and really quite mesmerising. The author’s writing style skilfully captures the mood and atmosphere around that period of time, as well as the tension created between the band members. I really enjoyed reading about the 1970s rock scene and pop culture (I did have to look up one or two snippets of history not knowing if they were fact or fiction).

There is a great cast of characters who capture your heart and imagination. The band members are really brought to life in the narrative and in the end you are left feeling extremely disappointed that this is a fictitious band. There is a little twist when we find out who is interviewing them, I did not see that coming and hadn’t given any thought as to who was doing the interviewing.

The whole vibe of this book is amazing, this is also down to the audio narrative which is superb. I cannot recommend the audio version enough, it is brilliant and I definitely want to listen to it again. I’m not sure if I would have felt the same had I read a physical copy, there are some aspects of the audio that would not have come across in a book, for example on occasions you hear Daisy hesitate before she answers, her voice shaky, or there is a sigh or a gulp from a band member quite clearly indicating their emotions. I’m very tempted to buy a physical copy to find out if that comes across.

A really entertaining and compelling read, you need to read this if you haven’t already.

4 Stars

I hope you enjoyed this review. Happy reading.
Karen ~

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